PM Modi Launches Digital Court 2.0 and New Website of the Supreme Court in Diamond Jubilee Program

New Delhi: In a historic event marking the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Supreme Court of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the Digital Supreme Court Report (Digi SCR) during a grand ceremony at the Supreme Court auditorium today. The “Diamond Jubilee” program saw the participation of Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, Chief Justices of various High Courts, and other esteemed associate justices.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi paid homage to the vision of the framers of the Indian Constitution, who dreamt of an independent India founded on the principles of freedom, equality, and justice. He underscored the Supreme Court’s pivotal role in safeguarding these principles and fortifying India’s vibrant democracy.

As part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Prime Minister Modi launched the Citizen Centric Information and Technology Initiative, emphasizing the importance of the Supreme Court in shaping India’s future. He remarked, “The Supreme Court has consistently bolstered India’s democracy. Today’s economic policies will lay the groundwork for a brighter India tomorrow.”

Highlighting the significance of a robust judicial system for India’s development, the Prime Minister asserted that the Supreme Court has been a stalwart guardian of freedom of expression, personal liberty, and social justice. He also stressed the importance of the laws currently being formulated, which will further strengthen the nation.

PM Modi reiterated that India is now the focus of the world, and global trust in the country is on the rise. He emphasized the need for India to seize every opportunity and ensure easy access to justice through the Supreme Court, the cornerstone of the country’s justice system.

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, speaking on the Diamond Jubilee of the Supreme Court, reflected on its establishment with the idealism of interpreting laws based on the rule of law rather than colonial values or social hierarchies. He reaffirmed the judiciary’s role as a protective shield against injustice, tyranny, and arbitrariness.

CJI Chandrachud also acknowledged the court’s success in fulfilling its role, with a significant number of people seeking justice through the courts. He highlighted the ease of registering cases with the advanced version of the Supreme Court e-filing platform, which was launched in May 2023, making case filing simpler, faster, and more convenient, operating round the clock.

In conclusion, the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the Supreme Court marked not only a significant milestone in India’s legal history but also the launch of cutting-edge digital tools aimed at enhancing accessibility and efficiency in the country’s justice system. Prime Minister Modi’s words echoed the importance of the Supreme Court in shaping India’s present and future, while Chief Justice Chandrachud emphasized the court’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and justice for all.

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