Patna Court Denies Remand for 13 Accused in NEET Paper Leak Case, Rejects CBI’s Plea

In a significant development in the NEET paper leak case, the Special CBI Court in Patna has denied the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) the request for remand of 13 accused individuals currently held in judicial custody at Beur Central Jail, Patna. This decision came after the CBI filed a plea earlier on Tuesday, seeking to interrogate these individuals to potentially unveil further details related to the case.

The CBI’s request was presented by Special Public Prosecutor (PP) Amit Kumar, who argued that further interrogation could lead to revelations of additional incidents connected to the leak. However, the defense attorney, Ayush Singh, countered that the court rejected the CBI’s request on the grounds that the agency already had permission to interrogate the accused within the jail premises.

Prior to this, the CBI had interrogated 16 suspects detained at Beur Jail regarding various aspects of the question paper leak. The interrogation aimed to uncover vital links and involved rigorous questioning of the accused to understand the distribution and reach of the leaked papers, which were allegedly circulated among numerous candidates from Hazaribagh to other states.

Further investigations revealed that as many as 35 students from a private school in Khemnichak, Patna, were allegedly involved in memorizing answers for the examination. Authorities are probing the extent of monetary transactions and the exact locations used for facilitating these activities.

The CBI team has also taken three individuals from Hazaribagh and four others arrested in Patna into custody for further questioning. This group includes key educational officials from Hazaribagh School. The investigation is focusing on who else was involved with the main suspect, identified only as Rocky, and the details of the deals made regarding the paper leak.

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The investigation continues as the CBI also searches for other key figures involved in the case, including Rocky, Sanjeev Mukhiya, Atul, Anshul, and others across various locations in India and even Nepal.

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