No Indication of Any Mass Malpractice in the NEET- Centre Submits IIT Madras Report in SC

In a significant development, the Central Government presented a detailed report by IIT Madras to the Supreme Court regarding the NEET UG 2024 examination. The report, dated July 10, 2024, analyzed data from the past two years and found no evidence of mass malpractice or localized favoritism.

Key findings include:

– The marks distribution follows a normal bell curve, indicating no abnormalities.

– The analysis covered the top 1.4 lakh ranks, showing no signs of malpractice or undue benefits to specific centers or cities.

– An overall increase in scores, attributed to a 25% syllabus reduction, was observed across various locations, further reducing the likelihood of malpractice.

Telegram Video

The Central Govt has also rejected alleged telegram video onNEET PaperLeak in SupremeCourt and said the video of telegram was Edited.Key points include:

– The video, claimed to be from May 4, 2024, has an edited timestamp of 17:40 P.M. on May 5, 2024, suggesting manipulation.

– Social media discussions confirm the images were edited to falsely indicate an early leak.

– A neutral third party posted a YouTube video demonstrating how dates on digital images can be easily manipulated, further discrediting the claim.

– Screenshots proving the message and timestamp were edited are annexed as evidence.

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