Mumbai Train Blast Case: Debate Over Convict’s Exam Eligibility, High Court Questions Mumbai University on Online Exams

In a significant query related to the 7/11 serial bombings, the Bombay High Court has raised a question to Mumbai University regarding the feasibility of allowing a convicted individual to take law exams online. Justices Makarand Karnik and Kamal Khata, during the proceedings on Friday, suggested that for security reasons, the option of online examinations could be considered for the convict, Mohammed Sajid Marghoob Ansari.

The incident that led to this development dates back to July 11, 2006, a day marked as a black day in history, where seven bomb blasts in Mumbai local trains killed 189 people and injured 824 others. In September 2015, Ansari, along with others, was convicted in the explosion case.

Ansari had sought permission to attend the law exams for the second semester scheduled from May 3 to May 15 by Siddharth Law College, South Mumbai. Initially granted permission to attend, logistical challenges prevented him from appearing for the exams on May 3 and 9. The prosecution stated that despite efforts by the Nashik Central Jail officials, timely transport could not be arranged.

The court has now directed the Jail Superintendent to file an affidavit by June 5 explaining the delay and asked Mumbai University to clarify its stance on permitting online exams for such candidates, considering the unique circumstances and security concerns.

Additionally, the court inquired if the missed exams could be rescheduled. This comes after Ansari was granted permission in 2015 to pursue law studies while serving his sentence, acknowledging his educational pursuits during over 17 years of incarceration. The prosecution opposed the petition, labeling Ansari as a dangerous prisoner with serious convictions.

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The next hearing is scheduled for June 10, as the high court awaits Mumbai University’s response on these critical educational provisions for incarcerated individuals.

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