Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Murder Inside Bijnor Courtroom

In a significant ruling, a man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the fatal shooting of Shah Nawaz inside a courtroom in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. The incident, which took place on December 17, 2019, occurred during a court session, shocking those present.

Shah Nawaz had been brought from Tihar Jail in Delhi to Bijnor for a court appearance related to the murder of BSP leader Ehsaan and his nephew in Najibabad. During this session, Sumit, along with two minors, opened fire in the courtroom, killing Shah Nawaz on the spot. The attack also severely injured the court clerk, Manish Kumar, who was hit by a bullet in the jaw while trying to apprehend the attacker.

Security was heightened in the courtroom prior to the sentencing, with a significant police presence. The case, which has been under trial since January 23, 2020, has seen 11 witnesses testify over 156 court dates. Sumit was found guilty yesterday, and the court handed down his life sentence today around 2:30 PM under heavy security.

The aftermath of the shooting also led to the escape of another accused, Jabbar, who was later arrested by the police. Three attackers were initially detained by the police at the scene, securing the courtroom and preventing further chaos.

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