Man Gets 5 Years Rigorous Imprisonment for Involvement in Disposing Murder Victim’s Body

A court in Maharashtra’s Thane district has sentenced a man to five years of rigorous imprisonment for his involvement in disposing the body of a murder victim.

Sessions judge Dr Rachna R Tehra found the accused Kamlesh Sukuman Bansal guilty of charges under section 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence) of the Indian Penal Code.

In an order dated March 4, the court sentenced the accused to five years of rigorous imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on him.

The two other accused who were also tried in the same case were found guilty of the charges of murder and also disposing of the victim’s body and were sentenced to life imprisonment vide another order by the judge.

Additional public prosecutor E B Dhamal told the court that on July 4, 2015, the accused had killed the victim Katrikumar Indushankar Jaiswal, and cut his body into pieces and packed it in plastic bags, which they dumped in a dustbin near a public toilet at CBD railway station in Navi Mumbai.

While the court acquitted the accused on murder charges, he was found guilty of helping the other accused in disposing off the body. 

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