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Law Trend brings the latest Law News India. As India is a mass population country so, every hour will get some happenings. To get updated with all law-related latest news you can follow Law Trend. We cover legal and law news related to Lower Court, High Court and Supreme court of India.

Why Should You Follow Law Trend For Latest Law News India?

The Law Trend portal is a team of dedicated knowledge holders in the law and legal area. We keep our eyes on every law-related news and update immediately for our readers.


The Rabhya foundation started LawTrend with one goal in mind. We wanted to be the most comprehensive and informative legal news portal in the country. Knowledge of the Law is beneficial not only for lawyers, law students or judges but the common man can also reap huge benefits if he is well apprised of his legal rights.

We derive our values from the Preamble of the Constitution of India and envisage a future where everyone is informed of their legal rights and how they affect our everyday life.

The LawTrend platform was started by the Rabhya Foundation and is headed by our Editor-in-Chief Mr Rajat Rajan Singh, who is an accomplished lawyer and legal scholar.

What makes us unique

We cover all the latest judgements of the Supreme Court, High Courts, 

 various tribunals as well as the District Courts. Case analysis provided on our platform is crisp, easy to understand and full of profound insights which benefit the legal community immensely. Unlike other platforms, our sole focus is on the legal field, which makes us indispensable to the legal fraternity.

We report legal judgments swiftly and efficiently so that our readers can be aware of all the latest judgements of the courts of India and always stay ahead of the curve.

Get Real-Time Updates

Through our correspondents and media team, we provide real-time updates about the various legal cases and news.

Law Trend aims to provide Latest Supreme Court Judgments, Latest High Court Judgments and Latest Judgments of Lower Court and Tribunals in Real-Time. This Platform endeavours to create an informed citizenry and make the world a better place.

The Legal Research Team and Correspondents in all High Court provide Latest Court News to the Head Office in Lucknow, and from there it gets instantly updated on the portal.

Why should one follow Supreme Court Judgment?

The Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial body of our country. All judgements of the Supreme Court are binding on other courts of the country be it the High Courts or the district courts. The apex courts take up appeals from high courts, and they also take cognizance of matters of national importance.

The supreme court has rendered several judgments which changed the course of history, for example, the case of Mc Mehta vs Union of India, Indira Sawhney vs Union of India, Babri Masjid demolition case and many others.

Latest Supreme Court Judgments helps individual to cope up with the Law of the land, as the Judgments of Supreme Court, being binding upon all Courts and authorities under Article 141 of the Constitution of India affects every single IndividualIndividual

Supreme Court has always been considered to be the Guardian of Constitution and Protector of Democracy; therefore the Judgments of Supreme Court are not just for Lawyers but its equally important for a person who is living on the streets of our nation.

Why High court Judgements are important

People from all walks of lives and lawyers especially need to stay updated regarding the new cases that are taken up by the High Courts. The importance lies in the fact that a judgement passed by a high court of the State has a binding effect on all the subordinate courts of the district.

Nowadays for most of the new Lawyers High Court is the starting point for their Practice, so it is essential for Lawyers/Advocates practising at High Court to be always updated with Latest High Court Judgments.

High Court is the Highest Constitutional Court in a particular state and has a direct impact on the people of State. High Court can be said to be the first step or door for availing Justice within the framework of the Constitution.

How the Knowledge of Supreme Court judgements helps the common man?

As mentioned earlier, a judgement rendered by the Supreme Court is binding on all the other courts of the country. Supreme Courts also take up issues on their own, which affect public life. For example, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the court issued several steps to safeguard the public interest.

Various other reforms have been brought on by the court in the field of education as well. The Right to education policy is a prime example. Due to RTE, countless students from marginalized communities were able to continue their studies and reap its rewards.

Nowadays, it has been seen that even ordinary people are very keen to get Latest Legal News and get updated Law. The edifice of our Judicial System is to protect the rights of people. Many times it has been seen that the Courts have emerged as a saviour for protecting the rights of people and democracy.

Judgments of Supreme Court in the case of M.C. Mehta vs Union of India for protecting the rights of detenue, Judgments in the case of Kamgaar Sabha vs Union of India for protecting the rights of workers etc., shows that the Judicial System is committed to protect the rights of common people.

Law plays a vital role in one’s life in shaping the IndividualIndividual, therefore latest court news and latest legal news have a significant impact on society. It helps to develop the intellectual quotient of society.

The Relationship between Law and society is from the beginning of the world. There has always been some law even in early man era, which regulated the society. Therefore Law being a living organism cannot be said to be exclusively for the Legal Fraternity or Lawyers only.

Digital Media and Information revolution has made helped a lot in making people aware of social issues and their rights. Law Trend is participating in this revolution by providing Latest Court News, Updates Laws, Latest Supreme Court Judgment, and Latest High Court Judgment and so much more in the field of Law.

LawTrend Hindi

We at Lawtrend also make it a point that our coverage of the latest High Court and Supreme Court Judgements reaches a broader audience. That is why we offer Lawtrend Hindi portal on our website. Through this medium, people who are not very comfortable with the English Language can read all our reports in Hindi as well.

Hindi being the Language of the common man cannot be ignored while providing Latest Legal News. Law Trend- Hindi has been introduced to make the Judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts easily understandable to every person breaking barriers and constraints of English Language.

Legal Terms in English are pretty difficult for even those who have studied Law, so it can not be expected that a common man having no background of legal knowledge will understand the intricacies of Law and understand Judgments of Supreme Court and High Courts.

Law Trend Hindi is a revolution in the field of legal news of India and is creating legal awareness amongst society.

Extensive Library of Books, acts and regulations of various courts:-

Apart from being a legal news portal, we also have a wide variety of bare acts and other legal material available on our website. Students, lawyers and even a common man can visit our website and take the benefit of various legal study material.

Law Trend has more than 5000 Bare Acts and Rules framed by the Parliament and State Legislatures. It is a fundamental principle of Law that everyone is presumed to know Law, therefore it is essential that Acts and Rules should be made available to the general public free of cost and at a single place.

Law Trend also has an ios and android App.

Now you can read the latest law news India in smartphones also. Our State of the art smartphone app is genuinely one of a kind. You can have a full desktop quality experience straight through your smartphone. You can read various judgements and share them with your friends and colleagues as well.

Law Trend is available both on Android and IOS platform giving Latest Supreme Court Judgment, Latest High Court Judgment and Latest Court News at your hand and available 24×7. Law Trend is the first and only platform in the field of Legal News, which is providing Latest Court News in the Hindi Language in its App.

The App is packed with features such as Push Notification, Bookmarking, Search, Download, Social Media Sharing and many more.

Exciting Webinars

We host very informative and meaningful webinars almost every week where judges, jurists, legal scholars and other lawyers are interviewed, and they provide the audience insight about the legal profession and the world of Law.

Most recently on 27th September of 2020 Law Trend is organizing Webinar “Impact of COVID-19 on Judicial System” by Justice Kurian Joseph, Former Judge of Supreme Court of India. The Webinar will be hosted live on all social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Zoom etc.


In Our Column Section, You can read about various aspects of the Law. Be it real estate, politics, cybercrime or laws in general. Our editorial team curates all our column posts so that our readers can have a delightful experience and learn more about the Law.

Columns Section of Law Trend in relatively rich and filled with articles of legal luminaries. The Articles are quite exhaustive and interprets the Latest Judgments of Supreme Court and High Courts. The object of Columns is to provide a variety of interpretation of Law.