Know About First Transgender Judge of India- Joyita Mandal

Even today, there is a conservative attitude towards transgender people in our society, but Joyita Mandal never lost her confidence despite being transgender.

Joyita Mandal, a 30-year-old West Bengal woman Joyita Mandal, the country’s first transgender judge, had many problems today, but she never gave up and taught society a new lesson through her work.

Left a lot of problems behind

Joyita stated in an interview, “I always considered myself to be a common girl, but during Durga Puja, I went to the beauty parlour to beautify myself, and when I returned, the people of the house became angry, and they considered me to be a boy.” I was beaten up so badly by family members at the time that she couldn’t get out of bed for four days and wasn’t even taken to the doctor for treatment.”

Even in college, people made fun of me

Joyita also stated, “When I was in college, everyone made fun of me, and as a result, I dropped out.” In the year 2009, I decided to leave home. I had no idea where I was going, and not even a single rupee was with me. When I arrived in Dinajpur, I was not allowed to stay in a hotel; instead, I spent the night at the bus station and railway station, and the hotel owner gave me money and told me to pray and leave.”

Joyita Mandal has been advocating for the rights of transgender people since 2010. She was a member of the ‘Nai Roshni’ organisation. People gradually began to join this organisation. Following this, old age homes for the elderly were established. Ration cards and Aadhaar cards were issued to women living in red light districts, and their children were encouraged to attend school.

When did Joyita become a judge?

Joyita was appointed as the country’s first transgender judge when she was 29 years old. On July 8, 2017, Joyita was appointed as a judge in the Lok Adalat of Islampur, West Bengal.

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