Justice Chandrachud Offers Seat to Senior Lawyer, Breaking Supreme Court Tradition

In a rare departure from courtroom norms, Chief Justice of India, Justice D. Y. Chandrachud, has recently garnered attention for his exceptional offer to a senior lawyer in the Supreme Court. Known for his varying demeanor during daily hearings, ranging from gentle to stern, Justice Chandrachud surprised many with his recent gesture.

During a hearing, upon noticing the discomfort of senior lawyer Rajeev Dhavan, who complained of back pain, Justice Chandrachud kindly offered him a seat to argue his case from. This move is unusual in courtroom settings, where lawyers typically stand and address judges in a formal manner. However, leading a seven-member bench, Chief Justice Chandrachud went beyond convention and suggested that Dhavan, 77, who was visibly struggling with back pain, could sit and participate in the proceedings.

This event occurred as the Supreme Court’s seven-judge bench commenced hearing on granting minority status to Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The case, referred to a seven-judge constitutional bench in February 2019, aims to resolve whether an educational institution established by parliamentary law can be granted minority status under Article 30 of the Constitution. The bench, including Justices Sanjeev Khanna, Suryakant, J.B. Pardiwala, Dipankar Dutta, Manoj Mishra, and K.V. Vishwanathan, will deliberate on this significant matter.

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