Jharkhand High Court Seeks Responses from Central and State Governments on Forced Conversion of Tribals

In a significant hearing, the Jharkhand High Court addressed the pressing issue of the forced conversion of tribal communities, requesting a detailed response from both the Central and State Governments. The court inquired about the measures taken to halt these conversions, with the next hearing scheduled for June 12th.

This legal action was initiated following a public interest litigation filed by Soma Uraon, who expressed concerns over the rapid religious conversions among the tribal populations in Jharkhand. Rohit Ranjan Sinha, the advocate representing the petitioner, suggested that a comprehensive investigation is necessary to understand the underlying causes of these conversions and recommended the formation of a dedicated inquiry committee by the government.

The petitioner has accused certain organizations of exploiting tribal communities through incentives and coercive means to convert their religion, specifically targeting their cultural and religious identities. This practice not only undermines the tribal traditions but is also alleged to be part of a larger conspiracy to erode the indigenous cultural heritage.

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