HCBA Nagpur Centenary Celebrations: CJ DK Upadhyaya Advocates for Integrity and Excellence in Legal Practice

Nagpur, April 6, 2024 — In a spirited and enlightening address at the Felicitation function of Beacons of High Court Bar Association, Nagpur’s centenary celebrations Chief Justice DK Upadhyaya of the Bombay High Court captivated the audience with his insights into the essence of legal advocacy and the noble responsibilities it entails. Addressing a distinguished gathering of lawyers, Supreme Court and Bombay High Court judges, Chief Justice Upadhyaya articulated a profound message emphasizing the virtues and challenges inherent in the legal profession.

As a part of Centenary celebrations of HCBA Nagpur, today a program was organized for felicitating the great legal minds of HCBA. Justice B.R. Gavai, Judge, Supreme Court was Chief Guest of the event. Justice A.S. Oka and Justice PB Varale of the Supreme Court were Guests of Honour, alongwith CJ DK Upadhayay and Justice Nitin W Sambre, Administrative Judge of Nagpur Bench.

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Beginning his speech with a lighthearted anecdote about the perpetual debate between the famed mango varieties of Ratnagiri and Lucknow, Chief Justice Upadhyaya immediately endeared himself to the audience. Expressing his delight at being a part of the historic centenary celebrations of the High Court Bar Association, Nagpur, he commended the rich tradition, ethos, and legacy of the legal fraternity in Nagpur, spanning from luminaries like Sir Harish Singh Gaur to Justice Siddharth Ullah.

Chief Justice Upadhyaya delved into the essence of legal advocacy, drawing upon the timeless wisdom encapsulated by Edward Abbott Parry’s “Seven Lamps of Advocacy.” He emphasized the first lamp: honesty, as the cornerstone of legal practice, urging lawyers to uphold integrity towards clients, opponents, the court, and their conscience. In a profession fraught with challenges, he extolled the virtues of courage, industry, wit, eloquence, judgment, and fellowship, all indispensable qualities for a successful advocate.

Sharing a witty courtroom anecdote from the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court, Chief Justice Upadhyaya underscored the importance of wit in navigating tense moments and fostering a congenial atmosphere in courtrooms. He emphasized the significance of continuous learning and judgment, highlighting the lawyer’s role in objectively analyzing legal matters and advocating for justice.

Chief Justice Upadhyaya urged lawyers to recognize the arduous nature of their task, wherein they shoulder the burdens of their clients’ pain, anguish, and frustration in their quest for justice. He emphasized the historical role of lawyers as societal leaders, citing Mahatma Gandhi’s journey from a successful lawyer in South Africa to a revered leader who championed justice and freedom in India.

Encouraging lawyers to expand their horizons beyond professional commitments, Chief Justice Upadhyaya recommended Charles DeSalvo’s book, “Man Before Mahatma,” which sheds light on Gandhi’s formative years as a lawyer and his subsequent evolution as a transformative leader.

In conclusion, Chief Justice Upadhyaya congratulated the lawyers to be felicitated and the office bearers of the Bar Association, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the legal profession and society at large. His address resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring a renewed commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and social responsibility in legal practice.

The centenary celebrations of the High Court Bar Association in Nagpur were enriched by Chief Justice Upadhyaya’s profound insights and served as a testament to the enduring legacy and vibrant future of the legal fraternity in India.

The event witnessed the presence of esteemed judges, senior advocates, and legal luminaries, marking a historic milestone in the illustrious journey of the High Court Bar Association, Nagpur.

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