Fraudsters Open Fake Document Facility, High Court Stunned

In a shocking revelation, Panchkula Police have informed the Punjab & Haryana High Court that a group of individuals boldly set up a public service center exclusively to create forged documents. This alarming update came to light during an investigation concerning a minor’s involvement in a same-sex relationship, where her documents were found to be falsified.

The case began when Kajal petitioned the High Court to rescue her partner from what she claimed to be unlawful custody by her partner’s parents. The court had ordered the girl to be presented, which led to suspicions about her age and subsequently, her documents. It was discovered that the documents were meticulously forged, prompting an in-depth investigation by the Haryana Police.

The High Court expressed astonishment at the culprits’ audacity. They operated through a website that produced fake birth and death certificates among other documents. These documents featured barcodes that linked to a fraudulent website, making it incredibly challenging to distinguish them from genuine documents.

The police further discovered that to support their illicit activities, the accused had even opened a facility masquerading as a public service center. The court, perturbed by the ease and boldness with which these operations were conducted, has ordered the Panchkula Police to advance their investigation and submit a report within ten days.

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