Former Judges, Bureaucrats, and Army Personnel Support New Anti-Conversion Law of Uttar Pradesh

As many as 224 retired judges and bureaucrats, including former chief  justices, DGPs and chief secretaries have written to UP CM Yogiadityanath Nath, expressing their support towards new law against religious conversions.

In the letter this group criticised another group of ex bureaucrats, judges etc. who had requested the UP CM to withdraw the new law.

Former UP chief secretary and secretary general of Rajya Sabha Yogendra Narain who signed the instant letter described the new law as a much-needed step and he stated that the law is misrepresentation as anti muslic.

Mr Yogendra Narain told Times of India that he and other like minded people had to write the letter as the new law was legally sound and was getting criticised without any reason.

Narain stated that the new law will help women who are forced to convert by coercion and such cases have been on the rise lately.

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Some days back a group of ex bureaucrats had written a letter to Adityanath and had asked him to withdraw the new law, however, the current group disassociated themselves from the group who demanded a rollback and stated that the former group was visibly biased.

The letter(published on monday) is signed by 108 retired bureaucrats, 14 former judges, 10 intellectuals, and 92 retired army personnels stating that the new law will be applicable to all religions and its main intention is to curb forced conversions.

The letter further reads that the new law will protect the dignity of women and it also contains provisions to safeguard minors and women who belong to Scheduled castes and tribes. The law is no way anti muslim and such propaganda is only generated to disrupt the communal harmony of the state, reads the letter.

Signatories of the letter urged the UP government to take action against officials who tried to maling the government and also that they have full faith in the current establishment. Reference was also made to instances where hindu women were killed during the course of interfaith marriages.

It adds that people have tried to falsely malign the ganga-jamuna culture of UP and the government is right to protect women from forceful conversion.

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