Fine Of Rs 50000 Imposed For Lodging False FIR of Rape Against Neighbour

A special court in Ghaziabad ordered a man to pay Rs 50000 as a fine after he registered a false rape complaint against his neighbour. The man stated that his neighbour raped his minor sister after spiking her drink and forced her to marry him.

When the Court asked the girl, the girl denied all the allegations.

The girl submitted that she had married the accused out of her own free will, which prompted the Court to clear the neighbour of all charges and fined Rs 50000 for lodging a false complaint.

Out of the fine amount, the Court directed the man to pay 50% to his neighbour, and if the complainant did not pay the fine, then he would be sentenced to fifteen days in jail.

The special public prosecutor had stated that the complainant and the accused stayed in the same locality in Khoda. In February 2020, the complainant (Utkarsh Vats) went to Khoda police and registered a complaint against his neighbour (Ashwani).

In his complaint, Utkarsh alleged that in September 2019, Ghanshyam forcefully married his 14-year-old sister after threatening to murder her.

The police immediately arrested the accused, and he was booked under relevant sections of POCSO and IPC.

However, the Court acquitted Ashwani of all charged when the minor girl submitted that she was not forced or raped.

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