Drunk Witness Arrested in Courtroom in Bihar

In a surprising incident in Bhagalpur, Bihar, a young man identified as Ranjit Singh was arrested after showing up in court to testify while intoxicated. The incident occurred at the judicial complex in the district’s Das Court building, where Singh was scheduled to testify in a case from Navgachia.

During the proceedings, Singh stumbled into the witness stand, visibly inebriated, and began to sway, prompting the presiding judge to question his condition. When questioned, Singh candidly admitted to having consumed alcohol before attending the court session. This confession led to a formal alcohol test, where a breath analyzer confirmed his intoxication, showing an alcohol level of 82%.

Following this, Singh was immediately sent for a medical examination and subsequently placed under arrest. He now faces charges under the Bihar Prohibition Act, reflecting the state’s strict ban on alcohol consumption in place since 2016. Despite the prohibition, Singh’s actions led to a significant breach of court decorum and legal standards.

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