Delhi High Court Round-Up for  Jan 11

Important cases heard in Delhi High Court on Thursday, January 11:

* Parents who give their daughters-in-law a hard time for not being able to fulfil their desire of “preserving their family tree”, need to be educated that it is their son and not his wife whose chromosomes will decide the child’s gender, the HC has observed.

* The HC asked the Delhi government to inform it about whether any encroachment has taken place in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary and Central Ridge forest.

* “True love” between adolescents cannot be controlled through rigors of law or state action, the HC has observed while quashing a kidnapping and rape case against a man who had eloped and married a girl nine years ago when she was a minor.

* A foreign national cannot claim the right to reside and settle in India under the Constitution, the HC has said while observing that the fundamental right of foreigners is limited to right to life and liberty.

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