Delhi High Court Round-Up for February 28

Important cases heard in Delhi High Court on Wednesday, February 28:

* HC has allowed an Indian couple residing in the US to appear through videoconferencing before the registering authority here for registration of their marriage

* HC has initiated a case on its own over alleged delay in acceptance of bail bonds by jail authorities for releasing inmates, observing that deprivation of liberty for a single day is “a day too many”

* HC was told that the issue of proposed demolition of Sunehri Bagh Masjid has been sent to the Heritage Conservation Committee (HCC) for its recommendation

* HC has observed that the intent of notifying a place under the provision of the anti terror law is to ensure that it is not used for unlawful activities and is not to seize the properties of innocent owners who are not the members of the unlawful association

* Persons suffering from disabilities are “no different from you or me” and the more appropriate term to use for them would be “differently abled” and not “disabled”, the HC has said.

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