Delhi High Court Round-Up December 11

Important cases heard by Delhi High Court on Monday, December 11:

* HC asked the mother of a Kerala woman, who is on death row in Yemen for killing a Yemeni national, to place documents to show that the foreign court gave her the legal option of paying blood money to negotiate with the victim’s family and save her daughter from the gallows

* HC has expunged certain remarks made against a lawyer by a single judge who had dismissed his plea seeking direction to the Centre to prohibit the display of anti-tobacco health spots having graphic or gross images during film screenings in cinema halls and on television and OTT platforms

* HC directed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and other authorities to ensure that public toilets and conveniences are clean, hygienic and in proper order

* HC asked how it could give a direction for a common syllabus and curriculum in all the schools across the country when there are different state boards everywhere

* HC asked its administrative side to give details of pendency of cases in various family courts here.

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