Delhi HC Stresses need for Educating Minors on ‘Virtual Touch’

The Delhi High Court has stressed the importance of educating minors about the concept of ‘virtual touch’ alongside traditional awareness of ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ to better safeguard them against the evolving threats in the digital world.

Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma pointed out that merely teaching children about physical interactions may not be sufficient to protect them from the complexities of the virtual environment.

In her recent remarks, Justice Sharma outlined that education on ‘virtual touch’ should include understanding appropriate online behaviour, recognising signs of predatory actions, and the significance of maintaining privacy settings and boundaries on the Internet.

She noted the necessity for children to develop critical thinking skills to evaluate the trustworthiness of online contacts and protect their personal information.

The court called for the integration of topics addressing virtual touch and its associated dangers into school curriculums.

The directive was aimed at key stakeholders, including educational institutions, the Delhi State Legal Services Authority, and the Delhi Judicial Academy, urging them to initiate programmes, workshops, and conferences that broaden the scope of safety education to include online interactions.

Justice Sharma made these observations while denying bail to a woman accused of participating in a crime involving the kidnapping and subsequent abuse of a teenage girl, orchestrated through social media platforms.

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