Delhi HC Grants Interim Relief to Journalist Rajat Sharma in Defamation Suit, Directs Congress Leaders to Remove Tweets

In a significant development, the Delhi High Court has granted interim relief to journalist Rajat Sharma in his defamation suit against Congress leaders Ragini Nayak, Jairam Ramesh, and Pawan Khera. The court has directed the Congress leaders to remove tweets that alleged Sharma used abusive language on air.

Sharma, a prominent journalist and the chairman of India TV, had filed the defamation suit against the Congress leaders, claiming that their tweets were false and damaged his reputation. The tweets in question had accused Sharma of using abusive language during a television broadcast.

The Delhi High Court, in its interim order, has directed the Congress leaders to remove the tweets and refrain from making any further defamatory statements against Sharma. The court has also restrained them from sharing or disseminating any content that could be considered defamatory.

The court’s order comes as a significant relief to Sharma, who had been seeking redressal for the alleged damage to his reputation. The journalist had argued that the tweets were baseless and had caused him immense harm, both personally and professionally.

The Congress leaders, on the other hand, had maintained that their tweets were based on facts and were not intended to defame Sharma. However, the court has rejected their arguments and has sided with Sharma in this matter.

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The interim order is seen as a significant victory for Sharma and a blow to the Congress leaders. The matter will now proceed to the next stage, where the court will hear arguments from both sides before delivering a final verdict.

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