Delhi court grants death penalty to Batla House Encounter Convict Ariz Khan

On Monday, A Delhi Court awarded a death sentence to convict Ariz Khan, aka Ariz Khan, in the case related to the Batla House encounter of 2008 wherein police officer Mohan Chand Sharma and two terrorists were killed during a skirmish between two parties. While awarding the death penalty, the Court stated that the case was ‘rarest of the rare’.

The Court observed that due to his despicable acts, the convict had forfeited his right to live, and therefore he serves the death penalty. The Court further observed that to protect society, imprisonment is the answer. However, the most appreciate punishment for people like Ariz Khan was the death penalty.

Hon’ble Court noted that AK 47 rifles and two pistols were recovered from the flat where the convict stayed, and the defence has not been able to clarify the purpose of such weapons. It is safe to assume that these were kept to indulge in anti-social and terrorist activities.

The Court observed that criminals like Khan could not be reformed, and his act of firing on the police showed that he was a threat to society and was an enemy of the State. The Court imposed a fine of Rs 11 lakh and directed that 10 lakhs from the fine should be given to the deceased policeman’s family.

On the other hand, the defence requested the court to hand over a lesser sentence considering the convict’s age and ion account of parity.

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In the judgement, the Court held that it had been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that on the day(19.09.2008) of the incident, all the accused tried to prevent Sharma and his team from discharging their duty, which lead to a gunfight in which two terrorist and Charma was killed.

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