Custody Decision for Child to Be Determined by Lower Court

In a hearing at the Gwalior bench of the High Court on Monday, the court dealt with a habeas corpus petition concerning a custody dispute over a child. The petitioner accused the child’s aunt and uncle of forcefully retaining the child. The High Court stated that it would not issue any directives in this case, as the guardianship issue is currently under consideration in a lower court, where no verdict has been reached yet. The decision of the lower court will be respected in this matter, leading to the dismissal of the petition.

During a previous session, the child was also presented in court, where he expressed a desire to stay with his aunt and uncle. The father accused a young woman of illegally holding his son, prompting the filing of the habeas corpus petition. The High Court has requested the views of the additional advocate general, Rajesh Shukla, on behalf of the government.

In another case heard by the High Court, a young man who had served a sentence under IPC Section 363, sought the custody of his wife. The couple had previously eloped and married when the girl was a minor. Following a complaint by the girl’s relatives, she was presented in court and refused to go with her parents, leading to her placement in a women’s shelter. The court has now ordered that she be presented at the next hearing.

In a separate case, a woman filed a habeas corpus petition to locate her daughter-in-law, who was allegedly taken by another woman named Rehana under suspicious circumstances. The daughter-in-law, when presented in court, clarified that she had not gone with anyone and expressed her wish to continue living with her mother-in-law. The High Court dismissed the petition and decided that the young woman should stay with her mother-in-law.

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