Cow Slaughter Act is Misused Against Innocent Persons: ALL HC

Cow Slaughter Act is Misused Against Innocent Persons observes Allahabad High Court, while granting Bail to a person.

A bail application was filed on behalf of the applicant Rahmu and a prayer was made to the Court that he should be released on bail.

The applicant was arrested under Section 3/5/8 UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955

Hon’ble High Court went through the facts of the case and released the applicant on bail.

Cow Slaughter Act is Misused Against Innocent Persons

Allahabad High Court observed that whenever meat is recovered from a person, it is shown to be cow meat and the person goes to jail.

In such cases, the recovered meat is seldom sent for forensic analyses, and the person continues to languish in jail.

Further, the cows are left to roam the streets, and their proper care is not taken.

They cannot be taken to other states because of the fear of locals and police.

Hon’ble Court observed that:

In recovery of cows, no proper recovery memo is prepared by police, and one does not know where cows go after recovery.

Goshalas do not accept the old cows or non-milking cows, and they are left to roam on the roads. 

Also, the cattle and cows on the road are a problem for the traffic, as the number of deaths are reported due to them. 

In rural areas, Cows cannot be transported outside the State for fear of police.

The state has to find some way to keep them either in the cow shelters or with the owners if U.P. Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act is to be implemented in letter and spirit.

Case Details:-

Title: Rahmu @ Rahmuddin vs State of U.P

Case No.: CRIMINAL MISC. BAIL APPLICATION No. – 34008 of 2020

Date of Order: 19.10.2020

Coram: Hon’ble Justice Siddharth

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