Court Petition Filed to Appoint Guardian for Lord Krishna, Citing Him as a Minor

In a unique legal move, the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Mukti Nirman Trust has filed a petition in the Court of Principal Family Judge, arguing that Lord Krishna should be considered a minor, and therefore, a guardian should be appointed for him. This request is based on the tradition of worshipping Lord Krishna in his child form in Mathura, the deity’s birthplace.

The petition specifically asks for either the District Magistrate or a judge to be appointed as the guardian to oversee the deity’s property and welfare, given the religious practice of venerating Krishna as a child in Mathura. The case has been set for further hearing on March 18.

The Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple complex in Mathura spans 13.37 acres, with a portion of the land currently occupied by the Shahi Idgah Mosque. Various social organizations have filed cases in lower courts, high courts, and the Supreme Court seeking the removal of the mosque from the temple premises. These cases are currently under judicial review.

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Ashutosh Pandey, the chairman of the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Mukti Nirman Trust, emphasized the importance of having a guardian for the deity’s property and care, especially considering the religious practices in Mathura that honor Lord Krishna in his child form. The upcoming hearing on March 18 will further address this legal consideration.

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