Consider Homeopathy and Siddha for Treatment of COVID19: Madras HC

The Madras HC on Monday directed the state govt. to ascertain the effectiveness of Sidha and Homeopathic treatments on Covid-19.

The Court further directed that if they are found to be effective then the govt. should set up Sidha and Homeopathic clinics all over the state.

A division bench of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy was hearing a bunch of petitions filed under Article 226.

The petitioners sought a direction to the Govt. to immediately establish appropriate number of special hospitals of Siddha and Homeopathy doctors/practitioners in all primary health centers in Tamil Nadu for treating the Covid-19 patients.

The petitioner alleged that there is no proper infrastructure available for Siddha and homeopathic treatments in the state.

The petitioners believe that the Sidha and Homeopathic techniques are very effective and a lot of people have faith in these treatments. Even during the second surge of the pandemic, the petitioners have been insisting on opening Sidha and Homeopathic clinics.

The petitioners have also demanded funds from the government to start the clinics.

The Court directed State Government to undertake appropriate studies to ascertain the acceptability of such systems and, thereupon, set up appropriate numbers of Siddha and Homeopathy clinics or wards at Primary Health Centres or, at the very least, at the District Headquarters, for a start.

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However, the court also remarked that the Sidha and Homeopathic clinics should be opened only if they pass scientific tests.

“A watch has to be kept so that scientific methods which provide room for empirical studies to be undertaken as to the efficacy are adopted and such centers or wards are not driven by faith and belief alone without any scientific basis thereto”, observed the court.

The matter was listed for further hearing on 2nd August 2021. 

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Story by Harshwardhan Pawar – Intern

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