CJI inaugurates new judges’ library in SC

Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud inaugurated on Monday the new judges’ library in the additional building complex of the Supreme Court.

The CJI also inaugurated noted jurist Soli Sorabjee’s Bibliotheca by unveiling his portrait in the library.

The new library is spread over four floors and includes circulation section, reference section, information management section, legal research and legislation section and acquisition section, a press note issued by the SC registry said.

“The total collection of books and reference material in the judges’ library is 3,77,000 out of which 2,40,000 are placed in the new library. The library houses legal commentaries, law reports, biographies and general books along with a Judges’ Lounge and Judges’ Conference Room,” it said.

The CJI also released a web page dedicated to the landmark judgment in the Kesavananda Bharati case to celebrate its 50 year anniversary.

The web page provides background, introduction, record of proceedings, key legal issues and scanned copies of the judgement along with written arguments and submissions of petitioner, respondents and intervenors in the case.

The views of each judge of the constitution bench that laid down the path-breaking concept of the “basic structure” of the Constitution can also be accessed by clicking on their respective photograph on the web page.

The Judgement has also been made available in Hindi.

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