Chief Justice A P Shahi Gets Warm Farewell From Madras HC Bar- Watch Here

During his virtual farewell event, Hon’ble Chief Justice of the Madras High Court A P Sahi remarked that the time he spent at the Madras High Court was akin to a pilgrimage.

During his farewell function Hon’ble Chief Justice Sahi expressed his admiration for the traditions and high values of Madras High Court that even though he took oath here alone, he will leave with the entire family of Madras High Court.

Chief Justice Sahi also told the lawyers that were present during the function that they have maintained the beautiful lineage and heritage of the Madras High Court and in the real sense, they were a Presidency Court.

He further said that judgements given the High Court were cited with authority and this was due to the Bench and the Bar’s efforts, even during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Chief Justice Sahi also mentioned that his time at Madras High Court was a great learning experience.

Recounting his journey at the Madras High Court, he told those present that it was full of rich experiences, and in his previous years of judicial career, he never had such an opportunity.

He further stated that members of the Bar were extraordinarily knowledgable and judgements of Court were quoted with authority throughout India. He also expressed that he does not regret his non-elevation to the Supreme Court.

In his address, Chief Justice Sahi urged junior advocates to be like a sponge to absorb the learning and experience of senior members of the Bar and added that the seniors’ contributions had resulted in some outstanding judgments that reverberated across the country.

He also quoted Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr and stated that

a young man knows the rules while an older man knows exceptions.

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Justice Sahi also appreciated the practice followed by the Madras High Court lawyers where the lawyers fold their hands to their adversaries and the Judge at the end of the hearing and opined that such a tradition should be maintained.

While parting ways, Justice Sahi told members that they should forgive him if he had made any mistakes.

Senior Counsel ASL Sudersan who is also the MBA President, in his introductory speech, told all those present that Justice Sahi was always accommodating, delivered judgements swiftly, and treated junior and senior advocates equally and with patience.

MBA secretary Mr M Basker rendered a vote of thanks as well.

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