Chhattisgarh Government Files Caveat in High Court Amid Alcohol Purchase Policy Changes

The Chhattisgarh Government has preemptively filed a caveat in the High Court as a strategic move concerning its new alcohol purchase policies. This action came in response to anticipated legal challenges following a significant policy shift intended to disrupt the existing alcohol syndicates in the state.

The decision, which came after a cabinet meeting on June 19, involved major amendments to the state’s alcohol purchasing system. Previously, under the FL 10 A and B regulations set by the former Congress government, licensed vendors had exclusive rights to wholesale and store imported liquors. However, the recent cabinet decision has eliminated these licenses, transferring the authority to purchase foreign liquor directly from manufacturers to the Chhattisgarh Beverages Corporation.

This policy change is seen as an effort to curb the illicit and counterfeit liquor trade, a significant problem under the old system, where substandard products were reportedly sold without proper verification, leading to substantial revenue losses for the state.

By filing the caveat, the state government ensures that no judicial decisions will be made regarding any petitions against this new policy without first hearing the state’s side of the story.

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