CBI Books Former Allahabad HC Judge and His Wife for Amassing Disproportionate Assets Worth Rs 2.5 Crore

The CBI filed a case against former Allahabad High Court judge SN Shukla and his wife on Monday for allegedly amassing disproportionate assets worth Rs 2.5 crore between 2014 and 2019.

This is the second corruption case filed against the former judge, who was booked along with retired Chhattisgarh High Court judge IM Quddusi and four others for allegedly obtaining a favourable order for a Lucknow-based medical college in exchange for money.

The assets included properties in the name of Shukla’s wife, Suchita Tiwari, who earns Rs 40,000 per month, according to the CBI.

The assets include agricultural land in various locations in the name of the Adhbhut India Foundation Trust, of which Suchita is a trustee, as well as a flat in Faizabad and movable assets worth 98 lakh.

According to CBI, Shukla acquired assets in the name of Suchita Tiwari on several occasions. The land sale transaction details pertaining to land acquired in Tiwari’s name in Lucknow were found to be “highly suspicious,” according to the official.

“One plot of land was purchased for Rs 3.6 lakh in 2012 and sold for Rs 30 lakh in 2014. Similarly, another plot of land purchased in 2013 for Rs 3.15 lakh was sold in 2017 for Rs 70 lakh, according to the official.

“Both lands were sold to M/s Shine City Infra Project Lucknow, and according to the evidence gathered, Shukla was the one coordinating all of these deals. He communicated with Himanshu Kumar of M/s Shine City several times in 2019 about making payments. “There are also details of Rs 80 lakh in total payments sent by Himanshu Kumar to Shukla in the name of Shiv Shakti Dham Trust,” the second official said.

Source: The Print

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