Attempt to Bank Fraud High a Court Judge- FIR Lodged

Criminals who commit cyber fraud do not spare anyone. Whether IAS, IPS, or a minister or MLA. Now there is an attempt to defraud a senior judge of the Rajasthan High Court.

Accused called the judge and asked for his bank account information. When the judge refused to provide the bank account information, the caller cursed him and used derogatory language.

The Rajasthan High Court Master has filed a case in the SOG under the IT Act on the judge’s instructions. Police are attempting to track down the caller.

Caller identified himself as a bank employee

The incident occurred on June 7 at 9:30 a.m. According to police sources, the judge of the Rajasthan High Court called. The caller identified himself as a credit card office employee of the State Bank of India (SBI).

He asked if you were the judge speaking. When the judge said yes, the caller asked for the bank account information, introducing himself as an SBI bank employee. If the information was not provided, he threatened to cancel the credit card.

When the judge inquired about the caller’s complete introduction, he initially ignored and then used objectionable and abusive language.

The case was reported to the police

When the judge refused to release the information, he said your account and credit card would be terminated. When the judge refused to provide the information and asked him to provide his true identity, the caller attempted to cheat by concealing his true name and address.

The thug used derogatory and abusive language. The court master registered the case on the judge’s instructions.

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