Anticipatory Bail Plea of a Lawyer Accused of Misbehaving with the Police Dismissed

On Friday, while dismissing a lawyer’s anticipatory bail plea over a Covid lockdown violation, the Madras High Court stated that Advocates are not above the law.

However, they should give more respect to the law as it is their bread and butter. The Court further said that an Advocate was also a citizen, and his/her stature should be used legally and lawfully.

Hon’ble Justice M Dhandapani further added that Members of the Madras Bar had followed the rule of law for centuries.

However, now to enrich themselves, the lawyers don’t consider the interests of the legal fraternity and cause irreparable damage to members of the legal profession as is done in the instant case.

In the instant case, it is alleged that the applicants misbehaved with the police when their car was stopped due to a Covid violation. As a result, a verbal altercation took place, and the lawyer allegedly told the police that she would strip them off their uniforms.

After the video went viral, the Court initiated criminal contempt proceedings against another lawyer who made derogatory remarks against Justice Dhandapani.

During the hearing on Friday, the Court rejected the applicant’s argument that the altercation took place due to police misbehaviour and it stemmed from the mother’s affinity towards the daughter.

The Bench remarked that even if the police’s words were against the lawyer, she should not have acted the way she did.

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According to the Bench, the lady lawyer should have kept the dignity of the legal profession in mind while speaking in public and rejected the argument that the incident was an isolated one.

The Bench dismissed the lawyer’s pre-arrest bail plea and termed her conduct as apparent misuse of her position and professional privilege to further her cause.

However, the Bench granted relief to the daughter and stated that she should be granted bail if the police arrest her.

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  1. O.k. don’t give bail to violators of Covid guidelines.but what punishment ,the court gives to those police personnel when they beat poor street vendors and damage their goods during Covid preiod.Poor vedors sell to earn livelihood.Why the court is blind on this issue?


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