Alleged Daughter Seeks DNA Test from Actor and MP Ravi Kishan, Court Issues Notice

In a dramatic turn of events that has captured the public’s attention, actor and BJP Member of Parliament Ravi Kishan may have to undergo a DNA test to establish paternity. This development follows a lawsuit filed in a Mumbai court by Shinova, a woman claiming to be his daughter, which has led the court to issue a notice to the actor.

The controversy began when Aparna Thakur, who alleges she married Ravi Kishan 28 years ago, held a press conference in Lucknow claiming their union produced a daughter named Shinova. Thakur and her daughter assert that Kishan has always been in contact with them and visited their home, but has refused to publicly acknowledge his paternity.

In response to these claims, Preeti Kishan, Ravi Kishan’s wife, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Aparna and Shinova. Preeti alleges that Aparna attempted to blackmail their family, demanding Rs 20 crore, and resorted to making false claims in the media when her demands were not met.

Amidst the legal and media storm, Shinova has taken the step to seek judicial intervention to compel Ravi Kishan to undergo a DNA test, aiming to validate her claims legally and seek official recognition as his daughter.

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