Allahabad High Court Orders Tribunal to Resolve Accident Claims Within Six Months

The Allahabad High Court has directed the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal in Amroha to resolve pending accident claims dating back to 2019 within six months. The order was issued by Justice Ajit Kumar in response to a petition filed by Kunti Devi and three others, represented by advocate Abhishek Ahuja.

The case pertains to an incident on July 5, 2019, where Kunti Devi’s husband, Chanchal Kumar, was tragically killed after being hit by a truck in the Rajabpur area of Amroha district. Following the accident, Kunti Devi approached the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal in Amroha seeking compensation, a claim which remained undecided even after five years.

Frustrated by the delay, Kunti Devi petitioned the High Court seeking expedited resolution of her claim. In its directive, the High Court emphasized the need for the tribunal to address and settle the claim within a stipulated six-month period, highlighting the importance of timely justice in cases involving accident claims.

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