Allahabad High Court Issues Contempt Notices to 10 Advocates for Assaulting Litigants

In a stern move, the Allahabad High Court has issued criminal contempt of court notices to ten advocates following their alleged involvement in assaulting litigants within the Prayagraj district court premises. Additionally, these advocates have been prohibited from entering the court building, escalating the seriousness of their purported actions.

A Bench comprising Justices Ashwani Kumar Mishra and Mohd Azhar Husain Idrisi highlighted the gravity of the incident. “This Court cannot permit court proceedings to be disrupted by violence such that litigants are brutally attacked within courtrooms, compelling the Presiding Officer to seek refuge,” the Bench stated. They stressed that allowing such behavior could undermine the judicial system entirely.

Advocates Facing Contempt Charges

The accused advocates are:

  1. Syeed Aftab Ahmad
  2. Mahtab Ahmad
  3. Sanjeev Singh
  4. Ritesh Srivastava
  5. Ravi Sonkar
  6. Adarsh Shukla
  7. Vikas Singh
  8. Rishabh Singh
  9. Satyavan Singh
  10. Adarsh @ Anshu

The Court expressed its determination to handle such misconduct with strictness to maintain the integrity of the judicial proceedings. “A clear and unequivocal message must be sent that such incidents will not be tolerated and will be met with severe consequences,” the Bench added.

Ensuring Court Security and Investigation

In response to the incident, the Court has directed the Commissioner of Police in Prayagraj to provide adequate police protection at the court, as directed by the District Judge, to prevent further disruptions. The Commissioner is to appoint an officer, no lower in rank than Assistant Commissioner of Police, to oversee the criminal histories of the accused lawyers and ensure transparency in the ongoing investigations.

This directive follows an earlier incident on April 30, where two lawyers, Ran Vijay Singh and Mohd Asif, were barred from practicing in Uttar Pradesh after they led an assault on litigants and disrespected a civil court judge. These actions were part of a larger disturbance where a mob forced its way into a courtroom, assaulting two litigants attempting to find safety.

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The actions taken by the High Court serve as a firm reminder of the judiciary’s zero-tolerance policy towards any form of misconduct that threatens the sanctity and proper functioning of court proceedings. Advocate Sudhir Mehrotra represented the Court during these proceedings, underscoring the legal community’s commitment to upholding justice and decorum within its halls.

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