Allahabad High Court Bans Lawyers Involved in Courtroom Violence from Practicing in Uttar Pradesh

In a decisive move, the Allahabad High Court has banned several lawyers from practicing in any court across Uttar Pradesh following their involvement in a violent altercation within a courtroom. This unprecedented decision stems from an incident where these attorneys physically assaulted a litigant couple during a hearing, causing significant disruption to the court proceedings.

On Monday, at the Civil Court in the district judiciary of Allahabad, a scuffle broke out during the hearing of a civil dispute between Mulayam Singh and Tarsu Lal. The confrontation escalated when a group of lawyers, led by advocates Ranvijay Singh and others, forcefully entered the courtroom. The altercation turned physical, with the litigants being assaulted.

The presiding civil judge, Chetna Singh, reported the incident, noting the lawyers’ group had not only disrupted the ongoing session but had also followed and attacked the litigants into her chambers, posing a grave threat to her safety and that of the courtroom decorum.

Reacting to the severity of the incident, a bench comprising Justices Ashwani Kumar Mishra and Ajhar Hussain Idrishi took stringent measures. They ordered a complete ban on the involved lawyers from entering any court premises or practicing law in Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, the High Court issued criminal contempt notices to advocates Ranvijay Singh and Mohammad Asif.

The local Bar Association has unanimously decided to terminate the membership of the accused lawyers, including Ranvijay Singh, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Mahtab, and Aaftab, effectively isolating them from the legal community.

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The High Court has also requested a detailed report from the District Judge of Allahabad, including CCTV footage of the incident, to identify all participants involved in the melee. Additionally, the court expressed serious concerns over the security arrangements within court premises and directed the Police Commissioner of Prayagraj to ensure adequate safety measures are implemented to prevent such incidents in the future.

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