Allahabad HC Refers Lawyer to UP Bar Council For Misbehaving in Court

The Allahabad High Court has passed an Order referring the counsel for the Petitioner of the case Sri Ajay Singh to the U.P. Bar Council for misbehaving with the court.

As per the order, the Court recorded that the counsel for the petitioner Sri Ajay Singh does not know how to behave in the Court. 

He directed the Bench Secretary of this Court to provide a book of the Constitution of India to the Court. He has not brought a book of the Constitution of India to assist the Court, though he has referred to Article 300 of the Constitution of India, and on asking as to how he would assist the Court without book, he told that due to pandemic of Covid19, he did not bring the book. 

The Court pointed out to the counsel to behave properly. The counsel asked the Court to tell him the manner in which he should behave. He continuously insisted upon the Court to pass the order so that he can go to the Supreme Court. 

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Hon’ble Justice Saral Srivastava observed that this conduct of the counsel is reprehensible as instead of arguing the matter on merit he misbehaved in the Court and challenged the authority of the Court. 

On this the Court passed the Order to let the matter be referred to the U.P. Bar Council and to the Advocate On Roll Committee of the Court to institute appropriate proceeding against the misconduct of the counsel. 

Registrar General has been directed to communicate this order within 15 days to the Advocate On Roll Committee of the Court and to the Chairman, Bar Council alongwith details of Sri Ajay Singh, Advocate for the purpose of instituting appropriate proceeding against the counsel. 

The Chairman, U.P. Bar Council has been requested to apprise the Court about the outcome of proceedings initiated against Sri Ajay Singh, Advocate.

Case Details:

Title: Pawan vs Union of India and 2 Others

Case No: Writ A 9520 of 2020

Coram: Hon’ble Justice Saral Srivastava

Date of Order: 26.11.2020

Counsel for the Petitioner: Ajay Singh

Disclaimer- As of now there is no information with us as to the fact that whether any appeal has been filed against this order or not? If anyone has such information can provide at

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