Allahabad HC Issues Guidelines for Functioning of Courts and Tribunals during COVID Pandemic

To regulate the functioning of Courts during COVID times, the Allahabad High Court has issued further guidelines for subordinate Courts and Tribunals.

The guidelines says:

In partial modification of the earlier guidelines/ directions on the subject noted above,the following directions have been issued:

  1. The Courts/ Tribunals subordinate to High Court of Judicature at Allahabad shall take up only urgent matters such as pending  & fresh bail, release, recording of Statement under  Section  164 CrPC, Remand, Disposal of Misc. urgent Criminal Application, directions of High Powered Committee  (HPC)  issued from time to time. Not morc• than 6 Judicial Officers shall be assigned such matters by rotation/time by slot (wherever applicable).
  2. The Courts shall also accept the charge sheet/ Police Report, Complaints in cases like the Companies Act in physical form.
  3. All the orders passed while deciding/disposing of the matters be uploaded in CIS.
  4. Local Mechanism may be developed in regard to disposal of applications, passing/ uploading of orders, accepting bail bonds, release order etc.
  5. The District Judge shall ensure minimal entry of Court Staff in Court Premises. Their duties may be assigned by rotation, fixing days on weekly basis and in time slots. Not more than 20% of Court Staff (including Class IV employees) shall be assigned duties on a particular day/ date (wherever applicable). This may be strictly followed.

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