Advocate Protection Bill- BCI Calls for Suggestions on Draft of Committee

The Bar Council of India has sought comments on the proposed ‘Advocates Protection Bill’ from stakeholders such as Bar Councils, High Court Bar Associations, and the Supreme Court Bar Association by July 9.

A Press release was issued on Friday, annexing the copy of draft “Advocate Protection Bill”.

This has come as a result of a report given by the 7-member committee charged with the task of drafting “Advocates Protection Act” for the protection and safety of lawyers while performing their jobs, in light of recent attacks on lawyers and their family members.

The BCI’s press release dated July 2 says that the Council has decided to distribute the draft of “Advocate Protection Bill” to all Bar Councils, High Court Bar Associations, and Supreme Court Bar Associations. All stakeholders have been asked to review the draft and offer their comments, if any, section by section, by a week from today, i.e. by/on/before July 9, 2021, on the email address”

The Committee which has drafted this bill comprises of:

1. Mr. S. Prabakaran, Senior Advocate and Vice-Chairman of the Bar Council of India

2. Mr. Debi Prasad Dhal, Senior Advocate and Executive Chairman of the Bar Council of India Trust.

3. Mr. Suresh Chandra Shrimali, Bar Council of India Co-Chairman

Mr. Shailendra Dubey is a member of the Bar Council of India.

Mr. A. Rami Reddy is the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Bar Council of India Trust.

Mr. Shreenath Tripathi is a member of the Bar Council of India.

Mr. Prashant Kumar Singh, Member of the Indian Bar Council.

In addition, emphasising the report thus far, BCI has stated that:

“Apart from physical security and protection against illegal arrest and detention, the Committee has also discussed the need for social security, as well as the redressal of concerns of Advocates and Bar Associations. The Committee worked hard to examine all of these related issues when drafting the “Advocates Protection Bill.” If passed by Parliament, the Bill will provide proper protection to members of the legal fraternity, allowing them to carry out their duties as officers of the court without fear of social and physical safety for themselves and their families.”

Read/Download Press Release and Draft of Advocate Protection Bill

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