Advocate Parishad Awadh Region Holds Executive Meeting

In a significant congregation of legal minds, the Advocate Parishad of the Awadh region conducted its executive meeting on March 30, 2024, at the Public Administration Department Auditorium of Lucknow University. The meeting saw the esteemed presence of Senior Advocate and President of the Advocate Parishad Awadh Region, Mr. O.P. Srivastava, along with the General Secretary Mrs. Meenakshi Parihar Singh, Treasurer Mr. Prem Chand Rai, and other executive members and activists.

The agenda of the meeting revolved around the structural organization and expansion strategies of the council. Mr. Hari Borikar, the National Organization Secretary for the Northern Region, addressed the assembly. He shared insights on how the council’s structure could be enhanced and expanded. His guidance on the organization’s formation and its significant activities aimed to provide a clear direction to the officers and workers.

Mr. Satya Prakash Rai, the National Vice President of the All India Advocate Parishad, engaged the attendees in a detailed discussion on the various dimensions of the organization, including practice sessions and essential activities. His guidance aimed at enriching the participants with the council’s mandatory functions and their execution.

The meeting concluded with Mrs. Meenakshi Parihar, the General Secretary, expressing gratitude towards the national officers for their assurance of continued support towards the smooth functioning of the council’s activities. She also thanked the provincial officers and members for their cooperation and commitment towards the organization’s goals.

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