Adipurush: Allahabad HC Slams Makers Says if you Make Even a Short Documentary on the Quran, Depicting wrong Things, then you will see what will happen

The Allahabad High Court at Lucknow has criticized the makers of the film Adipurush for portraying religious characters from the Ramayana, such as Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman, in an objectionable manner.

The bench of Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan and Justice Shree Prakash Singh, emphasized that it is not about favoring any one religion, but rather it is concerned with the sentiments of all religions equally.

The Court stated that filmmakers should not depict any religion in a negative light and that it is important to maintain law and order. 

Further the Court expressed concern over recent films that have portrayed Hindu deities in a humorous way and questioned the motives of the filmmakers. 

The Court warned that incidents like these are increasing and can disrupt religious harmony. Additionally, the Court criticized the Central Board of Film Certification for approving the film, stating that it contained objectionable scenes and dialogues.

The Court also questioned the Deputy Solicitor General of India about how he would defend the movie given these concerns. 

The bench noted that it has not yet made a substantive ruling on the matter, but its oral observations reflected its concerns. The Court stressed that people’s sensitive beliefs, particularly related to religious scriptures, should not be encroached upon. 

The Court clarified that the issue at hand is not about testing the tolerance level of a particular religion, but rather about the portrayal of religious characters in a derogatory manner. 

The Court is currently hearing Public Interest Litigation pleas against the exhibition and dialogues of the film. 

Overall, the Court voiced its concerns about the depiction of religious characters and emphasized the importance of respecting religious sentiments.

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